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Don't Let Her Ruin You

Written by Nancy Manet ©2023 BMI

Produced and mixed by David Percefull

Engineered by Ethan Lugbauer, David Percefull, Casey Johns, John Barrett, Daniel Hayden and Freddie Light

Strings written and arranged by David Percefull BMI

Strings conducted by Francis King Smith

Strings contractor              - Isobel Griffiths, LTD / London, UK
Strings coordinator            - Amy Ewen
Strings musicians               - Marianne Haynes - violin - leader
                                                - Patrick Kiernan - violin
                                                - Tom Piggett-Smith - violin
                                                - Kate Robinson - violin
                                                - Kate Musker - viola - 1st chair
                                                - Clifton Harrison - viola
                                                - Jake Walker - viola
                                                - Caroline Dale - cello - 1st chair
                                                - Will Schofield - cello
Recorded at:        Abbey Road Studios - Studio Two / London, UK     - May 20,21, 2023
                                yellow DOG Studios - Studio A / Wimberley, TX     - May 29-June 2, 2023
                                yellow DOG Studios - Studio D / San Marcos, TX   - June 11-July 2, 2023
                                Criteria Studios - Studio C / Miami, FL                      - October 8-11, 2023
                                yellow DOG Studios - Studio A / Wimberley, TX     - November 20-22, 2023

Mixed at yellow DOG Studios - Studio D / San Marcos, TX                   - December 2023

Mastered by Adam J. Odor                                                                           - January 2024

Nancy Manet - vocals, pianos
David Percefull - electric guitars
Casey Johns - bass
Josh Center - drums

Only analog instruments were played on this album: Yamaha C7 (Criteria) and Steinway D (Abbey Road) grand pianos, Hammond A100 organ, Prophet 5 synthesizer, Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos, vintage Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars, Lee Jackson amps, vintage Ludwig drums, Fender basses (yellow DOG). Taylor and vintage Martin acoustic guitars (Criteria + yellow DOG).

David Percefull, Adam Odor, Casey Johns, and yellow DOG Studios use and abuse products by Gibson guitars, Lee Jackson Designs, Trident Audio, Warm Audio, Gamble Guitar Works and D’ Addario strings.
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