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As I sit and think about my backstory, I spent time doing a heart mind coherence manifestation. That manifestation ended with tears streaming down my face. I realized there is no turning back, and we are moving full steam ahead. Raw, vulnerable, for all the world to see; with hope of bringing restoration to people's hearts, minds, spirits - to the very essence of their souls.

Since beginning her musical journey, Nancy Manet has transformed her experiences and passion for music into compelling stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Known for her powerful narratives and captivating presence, Nancy has become a sought-after speaker, offering her knowledge & insights into creativity, resilience, and the power of authentic self-expression.

Her journey, marked by significant recognition and an expanding global audience, positions her as an inspiring voice for various events and engagements.  With her brand new album 'Nancy Manet,' recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, Nancy not only showcases her musical talent, but also her ability to connect deeply with her listeners, making her an ideal choice for speaking engagements that seek to motivate, uplift, and inspire audiences worldwide.
Nancy offers dynamic, interactive speaking sessions that captivate and energize audiences. As a seasoned artist and storyteller, she understands that each individual's journey is unique, and there's no universal solution to life's challenges. Nancy's approach is personalized and deeply empathetic.

Attendees will witness Nancy sharing strategies in real-time, drawing from her rich experiences in business and her own personal journey. Each session with Nancy is an unforgettable, enlightening experience, filled with insights that audience members can apply to their own paths of self-discovery, authenticity and creative expression.
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Tom Marino

Life & Business Coach, PA-C

Monarch Life Coaching 

“Nancy Manet is an extraordinary story about a woman who turned disaster into one of the all-time greatest survival and success stories you will ever hear.”
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