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To everyone who said I couldn’t, and to all those who said I should! This is for you.
The first person I want to thank is David Percefull, my Producer. This would have never happened if it wasn’t for you. That, and if you didn’t like dogs. You believed in this project from the beginning and helped bring it to life. Thank you for all your years of dedication and commitment. And just being a stellar human!
Tom Marino-You are the life coach everyone needs! I will never forget the day I sent you a music tidbit. Our next conversation changed my life.
Cullen Fleetwood and Dandridge Reed–Barnshow Productions. Aka “Traveling Companions.” Just think, this journey started with a little bit of “B-roll”. Ha-ha! I can’t imagine doing this with any other team. You’re the best! “You’ve Gotta Have Faith!”
Alexis Tedford-For all the talks and being there to listen. We’re just getting started!
Rodney Bursiel–Your world class photography speaks for itself. You are a true artist, and I am honored you took the time to work with me.
Justin Griffin–For incredible album art design! You knew exactly what I needed.
Brittany Fleetwood-For your brilliant and amazing web design. You are a miracle worker!
Anna Barbee and Dr. Ryan Bede-Though our time together was brief, you are my teachers. Your feedback and encouragement set the course for this journey.
Ryan and Tracy-You are truly family. You always pull the best out of me. Here’s to many more wonderful conversations over amazing food. But Ryan, you’re on your own in the cold plunge. Ha!
Carla-My friend for generations. My one of four. <wink> One who understands and gives fantastic advice! You are truly incredible. I would go to the ends of the earth for you. Or to hell and back.
Wendy-As I write, I am laughing. “Mom!” “Boom Boom!” The baddest of bada**es on the planet. Everyone needs a Wendy in their life. Through events we could have never predicted our paths crossed. You are my partner in shenanigans, my shoulder to cry on, the one I can test all my music creations with...and the list goes on. xoxo
Lt. Edward–For helping me to stand in my strength and reminding me of my roots. Good girls do listen to heavy metal!
Aunt Pam-For all the years of your love, support, and example of what a strong, independent woman looks like. I am a better human because of the example you set. Your heart is the biggest of anyone I know. I love you.
Christian-You keep my kite from crashing into the ground. Together we find peace and calm. Heart + Universe.
Downey High Sisterhood-Tracey, Michelle, Caroline, Diana, Christy, Laura, Shauna, Sandi, Natalie, Rachelle, and more! Here’s to many more dinners and opportunities to celebrate each other-I’m cheering for you!! This is for us!
Hannah and David-I can’t help but smile as I write your names. I am so proud of you both and how you show up in this world! Follow your dreams! I will always be here for you and cheer you on. I love you! Rowan, Toby, and Yuna too! RIP Bentley & Junior.
Ashley-For always being there. I am so grateful for you in our lives. Here’s to many more years of love and dogs! Never enough dogs!
Keith-My brother who has walked with me through every season of life. Who has always been there. So much laughter. So many conversations. I am the luckiest gal on the planet to have a brother like you.
Linus & Lucy–For the love of dogs, all dogs! You are the best little buddies I could ever have and couldn’t imagine traveling without you! Beagles are the best!
Lastly, to The Whirlwind, Livingston, Texas. Barry, thank you for opening your doors!
(To list everyone who has been part of this journey would be impossible. So, if you aren’t listed here-you know who you are and what you mean to me.)
Healing Team:
Thank you for walking along side me as my body, mind, & spirit healed. Dr. Ryan Smart, Tracy Smart, Dr. Sharon Radionoff, R. Christian Minson, Dr. Stephen Clouthier, Dr. Kyle Gordley, Dee Swem.

Thank you to C.F. Martin & Co. Guitars & Strings–you brought the depth and richness to each song. Taylor Guitars–you have gone everywhere with me and added brilliance. Yamaha–for your rock sound! Baldwin–the brightness and loudness I needed. Steinway & Sons–for the classical beauty that emanates from your grand pianos. Sensaphonics You are perfect for my ears. Shure–the microphones I carry with me. Mac, iPad, iPhone–Apple Inc., I’d be lost without you. Jeep–how I got where I needed to go.
Nancy is Wearing:
Makeup-Flower Beauty (Flower by Drew), Clinique. Wardrobe-Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger,
Calvin Klein, DKNY, MLB-Houston Astros, Spanx (heck yeah).Sunglasses-Tiffany & Co. Eyeglasses-RayBan, Coach, Versace.
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